locked Re: New to FT8 and JTAlert

Walt Flesher, W6SA

Pretty much as Bill said.

If you are looking at JTAlert to see DXCC worked, etc then:

Perhaps you did not click SAVE on the JTAlert screen where you selected Scan and Rebuild Log after Applying to your log.

I have always first selected Sync LOTW QSOs & QSLs on the QSL screen of DXKeeper before running SCAN & REBUILD in JTAlert.
Otherwise JTAlert will not pick up the updated log status.

If the states you have worked are already in DXKeeper then the Scan & Rebuild should pick them up after you have synced with LOTW.

73  Walt - W6SA

You MUST select SAVE to have this applied to JTAlert after the Scan & Rebuild otherwise it does not update the JTAlert stats.

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