locked Re: Dual Monitors and The Disappearing Menu - Relationship Discovered

Gene, K5PA

Mike, yes both are 100%. Very odd, since it is repeatable just by having the desktop extended to both displays. Also, If I start the program with it on both monitors so JTAlert has the menu showing correctly, and then change the display to be extended across both displays, the JTAlert menu keeps running correctly. Assume that is because it was launched while only a single set of monitors where showing the same desktop. So it is something that occurs during the launching of the program. 

I don't know if you noticed I have the programs showing on monitor 2 and I start the programs there. I decided to move the icons for JTAlert over to monitor 1 and see how that starts. In this case, JTAlert shows the menu correctly!  But the close [X] program symbol does not close the JTAlert. But all the menu items correctly show and work when clicked. 
So this would indicate that when JTAlert starts on monitor 2, the code expects the GUI to be constructed on monitor 1 and if it does not, the menu does not get constructed correctly.
A quick fix for me might be to change my monitor arrangement so so monitor 1 has all my programs and they start there and monitor 2 becomes my extended monitor. SO, I changed the video cards to be connected to the other monitor so now my main monitor is #1. It still has the effect of hiding the menu unless I suspend the Extend Displays mode momentary, whereby I then run the JTAlert and menus appear correctly, and then I go back to Allow Extended Displays. So it has something to do with the Extended display but have not found a cause yet in my case or what to set differently.

For the record I am running Windows 10 Pro, Version 1909, OS Build 18363.720.

Gene, K5PA

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