locked Worked B4 Issue

Brian Kassel K7RE

I just upgraded to 2.16.3, but my B4 function does not seem to be able to scan
my ADIF log.  All stations logged since the upgrade do indeed display that
they were worked B4, if they were worked after the upgrade.
No stations that I know that I had worked before on the same band/mode
show up as worked B4.

I understand that the B4 DB gets it data from the ADIF file (in my case).
I also understand that scanning the log  does not apply in this case.

I am a bit bewildered by the log paths displayed below:

Correct path to my ADIF Log:
C:\users\brian\desktop\FT8 Log Spearfish.adi

in F11 (manage settings):
Log B4 Database


in F11 (manage settings):
Standard ADIF File

in Red:


Can some one steer me in the right direction please?


Brian K7RE

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