locked Re: JTAlert 2.16.3 build 0002 #HRD

Gavin Bennett

Hi Laurie


Must have disappeared into the ether, I replied to your locked post.


They have introduced a number of issues for third party apps! Note second para, this from Mike at HRD









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On 4/04/2020 1:15 pm, Gavin Bennett wrote:

Experiencing same issue, have reported to Laurie. My response is in moderation as I replied to his locked message.


Gavin, ZL3GAV

I don't see any waiting moderation message from you.

This issue is easily resolved by telling JTAlert it needs to log ADIF 3.1.0 compliant FT4 now that your HRD log has been made compliant.

see https://hamapps.groups.io/g/Support/message/28940

de Laurie VK3AMA


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