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On 4/04/2020 12:59 pm, Ham Radio wrote:
I am having a configuration issue with WSJT-X v2.1.2, JTAlert 2.16.3.beta 002 and HRD logging FT4.

WSJT-X logs directly into HRD with no problem with the correct Mode (MFSK) and Submode  (FT4) in HRD

WSJT-X along with JTAlert running at the same time results Mode being FT4 and Submode being blank when logging the FT4 contact. The alert box indicates Mode being FT4.

I am using UDP port 2237 in WSJT-X and HRD. I have the correct check box set in JTAlert for HRD

I am doing something wrong here but no idea what is wrong.

73, Bernie, VE3FWF

If JTAlert is logging as Mode=FT4, then you have not followed all the instructions provided by HRD when they first released and you needed to update your log.

You have changed your HRD log to be ADIF 3.1.0 compliant when logging FT4 QSOs but have failed to tell JTAlert to log the QSOs as such.

You need to enable the "Log FT4 as ADIF 3.1.0..." setting in JTAlert, Logging section, scroll down to the bottom.


Any FT4 mode QSOs already logged you will need to manually modify to MODE=MFSK, SUBMODE=FT4

de Laurie VK3AMA

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