locked I'm stumped with B4 log

WB5JJJ - George

I installed my radio programs on a new computer.  All seemed to go well.  Copied over the .ini files for each and they pretty much came up as on the old computer.  Feeling good.  I started playing with FT8 and found that I was seeing a lot of countries and stations that should have been worked B4's.  
I had already found the B4logV2.mdb in C:\Users\George\AppData\Local\HamApps\WB5JJJ\logs\JTAlertX and copied it over to the new computer.  It was <300kb for 13,000+ entries which did not seem right.  I opened the file and it contains just 86 entries.  I then did an import of the wsjtx_log.ADI file, which contains all my contacts from day one, to get it back in sync.  That file is well over 3Mb and still came up with just 86 entries in the V2 database.  So, I checked the previous version, before the V2 update, B4Log.mdb file and it was over 1.5Mb and contained over 12,000 entries, which seems about the right number for that date.  So what file contains all the B4 entries that I'm missing on the new computer?  The old one still works and has all the B4's correctly.  
I checked the Help/FAQ and found several references on moving JTA to a new computer, but they pretty much pointed to the now, non-existent Yahoo Groups from 2017 and before.  Is there a newer procedure with the V2 database that needs to be followed to restore B4 contacts to a new computer?  
George - WB5JJJ

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