locked Re: New HRD Release v6.7.0.269 Confusion

Michael Black

You have to scroll down the Logging settings window to get to it...

Inline image

de Mike W9MDB

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 02:21:55 PM CDT, Bob Davet <davet354tfd@...> wrote:

Been Reading this thread.

Upgraded HRD this AM. Made the changes in the logbook.

Could not find the "Log FT4 as ADIF 3.1.0 Compliant" to check. Sent support ticket to HRD. They said it is an issue with  JTAlert and I should upgrade to the latest version.
I didn't have the heart to tell them I already did before I upgraded HRD.
The box is still not there to check.
Read this thread and made a FT4 contact. When it posted it only posted under mode "FT4". Nothing in the submode column.
The other FT4 contacts have the "MFSK" under mode and "FT4 under submode.

So, Who is right here? HRD or JTAlert?
Not trying to pick a fight, just want to have my data correct.
Am I going to have to check my log every month and convert my FT4 contacts to MSFK/FT4??


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