locked New HRD Release v6.7.0.269 Confusion

Stephen - K6SJT

I just watched the video from HRD about the new version that's supposed to 'correct' FT4 logging to LoTW.

As a result I'm very confused. I've been using JTAlert > HRD > LoTW logging since August 2017. When I look on my LoTW under MODE all the FT8 and FT4 contacts are shown by using the appropriate database filter (FT4 or FT8).

I don't under why I'm now supposed to change these to MODE = MFSK  with SUB MODE = FT4

To me it appears LoTW has been recognizing and accepting FT4 mode all along into my log book, so why the change HRD is suggesting?

Looking for to some clarification - Thanks
Stephen - K6SJT

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