locked FAILURE : QSO Not logged ...


Hi Laurie,
From time to time (mostly after JTAlert has been updated) I am getting an error message "FAILURE : QSO Not logged ..." (see screenshot 1). Usually it is enough to re-start JTAlert and next time it works. However, I like to identify the reason for this unwanted behaviour.
Under "Logging" "Standard ADIF File" is selected, and the file exists and is a valid file (see screenshot 2). Note: Although my ADIF file has the same name as the one from wsjt-x it is another file. I've already tried another file name, but it has no effect on the mentioned error.
After JTAlert comes with such an error message, each time JTAlert's file B4logv2.mdb has an entry showing the correct band, but without a callsign, see the example as screenshot 3). When I manually add the missing data and save the B4logv2.mdb file station is correctly identified as worked B4.
What may cause this unwanted behaviour? Is there anything I can do to prevent this error?
73 de Uwe DG2YCB

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