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You'll like JTAlert.  I have JTA initiating the logging, providing all alerts and alert colors.  Only use WSJTX for the decoding.  Keeps it simple and works great.  Good luck. 73, Herb WB8ASI

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On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 12:25 PM, Dave Garber wrote:
as long as I log after transmit is ended, n3fjp logs fine cat or no cat.    the new norm is to log not the frequency of the radio, but the frequency + HZ addition to it that you were transmitting on.   I dont like, but someone thought it was a better idea..
OK. There was a lot more going on than what ACLog was doing or not doing. Mostly having to do with my own lack of understanding JTAlert. Here is the full sequence of events:

I have been running WSJT-X + JTAlert + ACLog for about six months, made a couple hundred contacts over the winter that way. I do remember that I had rig control enabled on both WSJT-X and ACLog at first. That worked for a while, but eventually caused problems, and not a whole lot seemed different after I turned it off in ACLog, Of course, now I know that this is what caused my current concern - "incorrect" frequency/band on the capture window of ACLog. I am lazy, and since it put the correct info in the log, I didn't worry about it until now, because I finally had some time to get to the bottom of it.

The only thing I disliked about this arrangement was that since I was relying on ACLog for B4 status, previous QSO's etc. - that was broken. I must say - the "modular" nature of the three programs I am using, all of which overlap, is actually a big pain. To put it another way, I simply had no idea that the same functionality was in JTAlert. Until today, I just thought of it as a simple utility that lets WSJT-X talk to other software. You will, in fact, see many such reference on line. Little did I know.

So - I decided to give DXkeeper (another) try. I had used it for many years, back in my CW DX days, from around 2005 to 2012. I still have the MDBs from back then, but unfortunately that doesn't get me much without an export. Not really a problem, as LOTW is my real log now.

So I spent about 4 hours today making that change. Everything works. I also now have JTAlert showing some of the information that I was expecting ACLog to handle. My needs are simple -
is it a new one?
Is it a new state on FT8?
Is it a new state on this band on FT8?
Is it a new country on FT8?
Is it a new country on this band with FT8?
And so on.

I actually am still not really answering all those questions the way I would like. Even with this arrangement, the only way I can get some of this is by pretending to call someone. What I really want is for JTAlert to show all that before I transmit. Somehow. It probably can. So I will spend some more time studying JTAlert, which is an awesome program. 

Finally. DXKeeper is overkill for me in my old age. That is why I went to ACLog in the first place. Been using it for FD since the 90's. Scott has a real sense of simplicity, and no unnecessary features. I may go back. In fact, now that I have massaged my log data with DXKeeper, doing a clean install of ACLog and exporting back would be a snap.

All other comments are welcome, thanks guys!

Larry N8KU


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