locked Re: ACLog shows only (incorrect) 6m freq before logging

Tom NS8K

Thank you Laurie. I had already been told to "make sure rig control is disabled" by ACLog author, so can I conclude that this problem is just a limitation of ACLog? If so, can you suggest one of the alternative logging programs that would not have this limitation?

A very nice free logging program that integrates well with WSJT-X and JTAlert is Log4OM.  Recently there has been a major re-write of this logger which has really polished it up although Ver 1 worked very well too.  Because the re-write is so new, they are working on bugs in certain areas but from my perspective, nothing that affects what 95% of hams do in a logging program.  You can read about it etc. at log4om.com.  Going to their forum will give you an indication of current reported issues.

Some will probably chime in to help you correct your issue with ACLog.  It has lots of users and is highly regarded too.

Good Luck,

Tom - NS8K

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