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Larry Banks

Hi Barry,
I don’t know what your point was as it is not included below, but perhaps you missed my point. 
I have two locations on LoTW and have no issues with logging.  I only have to upload to LoTW once using the correct location.  I DO NOT have to upload twice, with W1DYJ AND W1DYJ/P.  Since I usually call hams whose locations I need for awards, and seldom call CQ, it works just fine.   I also make it very clear on my QRZ page that I have two locations in two different grids.
And as Laurie pointed out, even if I sent what you suggest, many hams won’t see that, or read it if they do see it.
When I do call CQ, and using TX5 (73 FROM MAINE) as I suggested,  I hope that I am covering all of the possibilities and keeping it simple.  I believe in the KISS principle.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 19:59
Subject: Re: [HamApps] Guam on country list


You missed my point

try from home

Then from ME you could use
Then call CQ W1DYJ/P
This way everyone knows where to find you
and also has the spin off benefit of allowing you
to have two locns in LOTW (very easy - I have 5)
so you actually send a QSL with correct grid
any questions I be happy to explain more
cheers de Barry

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