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On 26/03/2020 7:16 am, Larry Banks via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks Laurie,
I certainly was not complaining!  The real issue is not JTAlert – it’s logging in general when a ham has multiple shacks.  There is no perfect solution of what call to use.
Using the grid for me will be problematical.  My Massachusetts grid in FN42 – also New Hampshire, my Maine grid is FN43, also New Hampshire, unless you are going to six-digit grids which will reduce but not eliminate the issue.
Larry / W1DYJ


I know you weren't complaining.

I don't see 6 character grids as a solution as they are not conveyed on-air for FT8 & FT4, the most popular modes. I recall there is a 6 character grid transmission on VHF, I don't recall the mode used.

Transmission of your true State as a final free-text message is the only quick solution I see. Its not ideal, as most users would prefer to know the State prior to making a decision to initiate a QSO with you. Then you have the users
(I suspect a significant number) who don't read or ignore what is happening on their screen for which a free-text message would be of no value.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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