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Larry Banks

Thanks Laurie,
I certainly was not complaining!  The real issue is not JTAlert – it’s logging in general when a ham has multiple shacks.  There is no perfect solution of what call to use.
Using the grid for me will be problematical.  My Massachusetts grid in FN42 – also New Hampshire, my Maine grid is FN43, also New Hampshire, unless you are going to six-digit grids which will reduce but not eliminate the issue.
Larry / W1DYJ

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On 26/03/2020 5:16 am, Larry Banks via Groups.Io wrote:
  • JTAlert will show the state on the FCC license.  For hams like me who operate in two states it does not show when I am in ME rather then MA.   The grid is different, however I doubt that many hams can make use of that info on the fly.
When I am in ME, I use TX5 to add “73 FROM MAINE” (13 letters) to let people know. 

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


US ops operating from multiple locations (States) has always been a problem for JTAlert. It is also a problem if the State recorded in the FCC database is a postal address in a different State from the residential (operating) address.

JTAlert is moving to utilizing a State determination based on the on-air grid used which will help. But that is not a 100% reliable solution for grids that span 2 or more State borders. This Grid based State lookup is not yet active and may not be for several versions (it is not high priority).

JTAlert has already changed to consider on-air grids for B4 checks, State lookups based on Gridsquares is partially coded but not ready for prime-time.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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