Re: No spots displayed

Rudolf Schaffer


Thank you for your answer.

What version of JTAlert are you running?

--I've installed few days ago JTAlert 2.16.1

Do you have spotting to HamSpots enabled in JTAlert?
--Yes, the Send Spots to is activated.

Looking at the spot data on HamSpots, you don't appear to be spotting to HamSpots from JTAlert. I see only PSKReporter spots from you.

--I've one instance of JTDX (v2.0.1-rc117, may be not a compatible version...) running without JTAlert but with spotting to PSKReporter activated in it

  and i can see my spots ok.

PSKReporter spots are not totally reliable as often the feed from PSKReporter gets interrupted or PSKReporter  itself is experiencing delays in producing spots.

-- For the moment, delays are in the order of few minutes, not 4 to 14 hours.

   I tried to select the bands i'm listening now (6, 20, 30 and 40m) with FT8 mode but i'm not able to do this choice with HamSpots but ok 100% with PSKreporter.

During periods of high Server load, HamSpots will discard the
FT8 PSKReporter spots and only display JTAlert FT8 spots.

--I'm using, nothing found for PSKreporter in Hamspots ?

  Just few minutes ago, i get a 8h delay for my spots to

If you want to
reliably see your outgoing spots use JTAlert for spotting.

--In the past, all was ok with JTAlert and , but till few days, i'm trying to get the same results, but no success.

73 QRO

Rudi, HB9ARI

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