locked Re: US State missing after becoming worked B4

WB5JJJ - George

Will it ever be possible to manually enter a callsign/band/mode into the worked B4 database, that for one reason or another does not go away in normal operations?  I usually just work them again and all is good. 

This did not seem to be a problem before the V2 database was created and I had to rescan my external log.  WSJTx shows me that I have worked a station, but JTA says that I have not.  When it does occur, it's usually an older contact before V2 db that resurfaces.  And no, I don't have a recent example. 

For the 99.99% of contacts, this is not a problem, but does make me do a double take when they conflict.  But now with the timer introduced for reducing the number of announcements, it's much more tolerable.  I love that feature. 

I use JTA a bit above it's intended use by manually entering all of my DXCC and States into the FT8 section, by band, as shown in my LoTW.  I do this anytime LoTW Verifies a new one on a new band and any mode.  That way, I have a real time running total of what I need at any given time.  If an ATNO pops up, I know it immediately and give them a try.  If I need specifics such as call/band/mode, I always refer to my logging program and LoTW as it's my final decision maker.  JTA does a great job and "alerts" me for something I need to check on.  I am not trying to get any awards for FT8/FT4, so this is not a problem for me. 

Thanks for a great program. 
George - WB5JJJ

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