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Good idea Laurie.  Keep it simple.  Nobody will know the difference.  Also I was just about to post a thread of "No Problems", but will say my thanks here.  Can't imagine not using JTAlert....you do a great job.  The last couple days I have trashed my Win7 desktop at my secondary location, and stepped thru the process of getting all my software talking to my Win10 laptop from home.  Now I have it all in the same log with proper grid locations.  LOTW and eQSL know where I'm coming from.  I feel like a successful computer geek.  Anyways, very cool to have Ham Radio to keep me busy during these virus times of quarantine.  Keep up the good work, and YES, everything is running great....JTAlert, WSTJ, Log4OM V2, and starting to play with OmniRig.  73, stay healthy, Herb WB8ASI

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On 18/03/2020 12:17 pm, WB8ASI Herb wrote:
I lasted longer than most with the old regular version until finally switching over to the ALT version which now I don't even remember the difference.  Laurie, maybe we only need one version???

My thoughts as well, and will avoid the issues with users who fail to read the Webpage, Release Notes, the text of the shortcuts installed or past forum posts.

This has been raised a number of times with the Test Team, but some are reluctant to loose the old version as it increases the amount of vertical space taken up by the GUI.

I am very close to dropping the hammer on the old version (menus in the titlebar), but not likely with the next release.

de Laurie VK3AMA


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