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I lasted longer than most with the old regular version until finally switching over to the ALT version which now I don't even remember the difference.  Laurie, maybe we only need one version???

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On 18/03/2020 6:43 am, Greg Yates via Groups.Io wrote:
I downloaded new version of JT Alert twice  and  I get no title bar.  What am I doing wrong.

Greg, WB2BIN

From the webpage where you download JTAlert, at the very top...
A number of Windows 10 users, especially with the 1903 update, have experienced missing or misplaced menus and Band Activity display from the JTAlert titlebar or non-responsive minimize and close buttons. An alternate layout build of JTAlert is available to workaround this defect, that at this time has been unreproducible in testing. The "Alt Layout" build of JTAlert uses a conventional placement of the menus below the titlebar.

Switching to the "Alt Layout" build is handled by executing the appropriate shortcut created by the installer. There is no longer a separate installer for the "Alt Layout" build.

You need to use one of the (AL) shortcuts to start JTAlert.

de Laurie VK3AMA


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