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Thanks for that post, executed the instructions, now awaiting a new version of
HamApps for confirmation.


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From: Marlo Montanaro - KA2IRQ <ka2irq@comcast.net>
Date: March 14, 2020 at 8:07 AM

I concur with David's findings.

I had this problem and the most recent update to Defender signatures does NOT
trigger a false positive if you have the HamApps folder as an exception.

The problem was that if you had the exception there all along to fix this
false positive, and have been installing updates all along that were NOT
triggering a false positive, suddenly with JTAlert V2.16.1 your false
positives had returned.

To be clear- this SEEMS to be a problem with one particular set of Microsoft
Defender signatures.  So those of you who are NOT using Microsoft Defender,
your comments are kind of out of context in relation to this specific problem.

As of now, as best I can tell, if you make sure your Defender signatures are
up to date, you should not have an issue IF you also have the HamApps folder
as an exception in Defender.

For those of you with Windows 10, using Defender, to create the exception do
the following:

In Win10 search on Windows Security
Click on Virus & Threat Protection
Under Virus & Threat Protection Settings, click on Manage Settings
Scroll down to Exclusions and click on Add or Remove Exclusions
Click on Add an Exclusion
Click on Folder
Scroll to the location of the HamApps folder (for me it is C:\Program Files

Click Select Folder.

That should do it for you going forward.

Marlo - KA2IRQ

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