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Mike - W1MI

Scott and Geoff,

I have a TS-690S, which is identical to the 450S except for the additional 6m band. It works fine with the program set to 690S. I tried setting to 450S and it would not QSY. I tried setting to 440 and it worked fine. Maybe there is a glitch in the 450S setting?

73, Mike - AA1AR

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It's Monday a.m. here and I will try these settings with using the TS 440
settings. The only thing different is you have selected the 440 where I
have selected the 450. I've had it sporadically change bands, but then it
stops. Very frustrating but I'm sure eventually they'll get it fixed (I

73 and hope to work you on the air.


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My TS-440 Works fine with the following WSJT-X settings:

202 Kenwood TS-440
Com1 Data 8
4800 Stop 2

As far as I can tell the command set is the same so selecting TS-440 may
work with your TS-450 (unless Joe implemented the model check)? This would
determine if the TS-450 setting on WSJT-X is broken.

At the risk of pointing out the bleeding obvious, you must change bands
using the drop box on the WSJT-X main screen, nothing else will work.

Good luck,
Geoff ZL3GA

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