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Crazy conversation.  No hallowing here.  I also use CC User where all the Canadian Provinces are included under the State tab, and AK and HI are not.  You can Alarm all of the above however.  It's not a political statement.  It's just a tool to help Alert what you might be interested in.  I'm glad there are states listed at all.   How about all the other Countries with their states or subdivisions that don't have their Alerts available.  We should consider ourselves lucky. 73, Herb WB8ASI

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If you use " US Primary Administrative Subdivision" then wouldn't you have to include territories like Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana...?
There are only 50 States and there is no Worked All US Primary Administrative Subdivisions (WAUPAS) awards. It's tradition and a hallowed one at that.
73, Carey, WB4HXE


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On 14/03/2020 11:24 am, Ron W3RJW via Groups.Io wrote:

There are 50 states in the USA not 51.  DC is in the state of MD. We all hunt 50 states for WAS.  Showing DC as the 51st state is just plain wrong.
Ron, W3RJW

I'll change the name of the Alert from "Wanted US State" to " Wanted US Primary Administrative Subdivision" in line with the ADIF standard, which BTW lists "DC" as one of the valid values in the STATE enumeration. Will that make the complainers happy?

Instead of the "x or 51 States wanted" status, I could change it to "x of 51 subdivisions wanted"

If not "
Wanted US Primary Administrative Subdivision" perhaps "Wanted US PAS" for short.

FWIW, I know DC is technically not a State, but if people are going to "loose their shit" over something as trivial as this, perhaps they should also target eQSL where DC is valid for their 51 State award ,or all the different Loggers that record "DC" rather than "MD" in the Sate field (I have seen enough logs to know this is not uncommon), or QRZ,com where there XML data allows for "DC" as a State, perhaps they need to change as well, then I wouldn't have to have code in the XML parser to map DC to MD.  While your at it complain to the different Contest organizers that count DC and MD as 2 separate entities.

de Laurie VK3AMA



Carey Fisher


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