locked Re: JTAlert is closing (crashing) after logging or settings change

Rich McCabe

Herb, mine worked for a while. But stopped.

I have deleted JTalert files, went into registry and removed all references of JTalert and HamApps. Reinstalled and same issue. Went to the onboard audio soundcard manufacturers site and installed drivers from their site. All with no success.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the soundcard.  When I do a new install I get a message about selecting the soundcard and a test button. In a working install that works and the dialog closes.   It does not work with this version for me. Clicking test does nothing.

From the version notes some changes where made with audio stuff.  So I assume that is why the old version works for me but not the new.

At this point I have no choice but to give up on it and keep trying new versions of JTalert as they come out in hopes that another change will fix it.

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