locked Re: Windows Defender Response to Submission


I ran into a similar problem with blocking of the downloads.  I found it to be some new xFi Advanced Security added by my ISP.  I notice you have a Comcast email.  You might try disabling this new security on your Gateway/Router just long enough to make the download.   You can access it thru your Account.  Here's the path to take you where you can disable/enable.     https://internet.xfinity.com/more/my-services/my-services-disabling  It worked for me and others.  Good luck. Herb WB8ASI

On March 11, 2020 at 10:10 AM K8TS <dalecole3502@...> wrote:

So, if I understand correctly from Mike, N8MSA, the only option for us non-software gurus, is to turn off all protection to download the updates?  It is an annoying issue, but I understand it from the developers view. I am seeing more and more of my software blocked.  Is there an answer?  Does windows or chrome strip it out with  their updates?
Dale K8TS


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