locked Main window missing Grid and/or State

John Petrocelli

I see something interesting starting with 2.16.0.  Screen capture is below.

Perhaps I am missing something. Any input is welcome.

I notice that when I click on a CQ in the Main Window:
    1)     The Grid is not placed into the proper area. (yes the CQ contains a Grid)
             If the station that I have called replies to me then the Grid will appear
                 in the proper area of the Main Window.

    2)    In addition the information in #1, if the station calling CQ is in the USA
              A)  The state is not shown in the proper area, even though the Main Window's
                           list of callsigns does show the state.
                     Further, the state drop down list is totally blank

              B)  If the station that I have called replies to me, the state still DOES NOT
                      appear in the proper area.
                    HOWEVER, the drop down is now populated the the list of
                     state abbreviations,

  I can duplicate this behavior very easily 
  Note that sometimes either the Grid or State will appear in the proper field.

  If one looks in the below screen, you notice that the CQ from KW4JY does contain a grid and at the top of the JTAlert window there is a state associated with the callsign.
  Looking down in the main widow the fields for grid and state are empty

  Maybe I am missing something. Also, the Decodes History, which I do not use very often will display the grid and state
  Also, note that if the station calling CQ is DX with a grid, the grid will still not show in the JTAlert main window.



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