locked Re: Ver. 2.16.0 Virus Detected at Download


I found you have to have EXTREME PATIENCE when trying to install with Defender running!  I finally just turned off Defender .... installed 2.16.0 ..... turned Defender back on 


On Mar 7, 2020, at 9:11 AM, Tom Job <ve3ii@...> wrote:

I downloaded 2.16.0 last night and Avast complained that it “might” be an infected file.  It didn’t delete the file but rather froze it from being run while it sent the info their labs for analysis.  After about 5 minutes, a message popped-up from Avast saying that everything was good and to carry-on with the install. 


After the install, Avast again delayed the initial start-up by scanning each file before it was allowed to run.  Finally, after a 5 minutes start-up cycle, everything ran fine.  After the initial round of scanning, the start-up is now super-fast and the new version is running very well.   I don’t fault the folks at Avast for all the scanning….better “safe” than sorry, I guess.


Thanks Laurie….you have the patience of Job, my friend!



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