locked 2.16.0 Clearing

John Petrocelli


   I just installed version 2.16.0

   I wish that the "clearing" of callsigns after logging was optional.

  First, sometimes after logging I will use the displayed callsigns to view if there is another potential CQ that I should observe as I may want to respond to their next CQ if it shows up.
  This facilitates and can augment the decision process.

  Second, on another QSO, I deliberately waited to click-Log the QSO until immediately after the next decode cycle. It immediately cleared that cycle's callsigns listed and thus I was not able to see if any new CQ's were showing (except in the WSJT-x window).
     This could cause an issue if one is "slightly delayed or distracted" from clicking to Log the QSO

   Please consider making this clearing optional as I am somewhat tempted to reinstall the previous version --  2.15.11

   Thanks again for all you great work.

John - WA2HIP

John R. Petrocelli - WA2HIP
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