locked Re: Users with missing B4s, some questions to help isolate the cause.

Tom NS8K

Thanks for taking the time to run these tests and report your results. When you get a chance could you repeat the tests (no need to run a large number) with the "Do not check or report logging success/failure" option unchecked. Does JTAlert start reporting the B4 status on newly logged QSOs correctly  with that option off?


I did tests today with 2.15.11 vanilla, not Build 5. I unselected "Do not check success/failure" and stations correctly showed the B4 status once I logged them and then a later transmission was decoded.  However, I also observed the following:

I set the time delay for checking to 5 seconds to see what happens when the logging is reported as a failure (even though it does appear correctly in my log).  I was surprised that I did not at first get a failure reported.  I then remembered that the database is on the local SSD drive so I switched back to my normal OneDrive location and the first logged QSO was reported as failed and the call did not show as B4 on subsequent decodes.  It seemed I was maybe getting somewhere.  However, I logged another 5 QSOs and none reported as failed with the 5 second timer setting.  Then, number 6 QSO reported a logging failure but in this case B4 was reported correctly.  I logged maybe 10 more QSOs and have not gotten another reported failure so I can't test that situation reliably and don't have any ideas to slow things down so I get consistent failures but I will test that if you can advise a way to get consistent reported log failures.

I have also observed another behavior which I will try to explain.  I hope you understand what I'm describing.  I'd see a nice strong decode so I would click on it to capture it.  I would then click on Log QSO in WSJT which opens the logging window and then I would wait until maybe 10 seconds into the next time slot where I saw the station transmitting again before I would press Ok to start the logging process.  I was trying to have that time slot decode complete before the logging was reported as success or failure.  When I did this, I would see WSJT display the new decodes but JTAlter would blank its call display area until the success/failure window appeared (and it was always success).  At that point, (now a few seconds into the next time slot) JTAlert would display the decoded calls and the call of interest would correctly display B4.

If you can understand my description, you will probably say yes of course, that is exactly how the program is written.  However, when Do not check or report logging success/failure is selected, I have not observed the same sort of thing.  When a new time slot is done decoding there is no time delay.  Things just splash on the screen without waiting for the success/failure or anything else to complete and the result is an incorrect B4 status.  Just something I've observed and I'm probably all wet here!  I did notice that Build 5 does also blank the JTAlert callsign display area but I don't remember exactly how or when it did that so there's no point in me talking about that.

By the way, cool new features in Build 5.  Can't wait for 2.15.12!

Tom - NS8K

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