locked Auto-start question


I used JT Alert about 3 years ago with JT65/JT9 but still consider myself a newbie, just having got back on the air with FT-8.
I manually start from desktop icons (in the order listed):
1) DX Lab Commander
2) DXKeeper
4) JT Alert

Everything works fine - radio control, making split contacts, logging to DXKeepeer and LoTW, etc. However, it was a bit tiresome starting all those programs individually, so Auto-start seemed like a great idea!

In JT Alert: Settings>Applications>Auto-Start.

I had #1 as Commander, 1000ms
#2 as DXkeeper, 1000ms
#3 WSJT-X, which changed by itself to 1500 ms.

Then I click on the desktop icon for JT Alert. This gives a variety of errors (sorry, did not write them all down), WSJT-X no longer recognizing the radio, etc.

Any thoughts on what order I should have the auto-start programs in? Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance and 73,
CarterĀ  K8VT

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