locked Re: Wanted US State Not Updating


What do you have checked for required for confirmation?  It will show as still Wanted until you receive the QSL or LOTW.

On February 24, 2020 at 11:42 AM JP <jon.perelstein@...> wrote:

Running JTAlert 2.15.6

Running into this problem repeatedly
Worked a station FT8 that was a new state on the band.  After I logged it (log alert looks okay), other stations in same state still show up as needed ON THE SAME BAND with the same mode.  For example, worked W1WWB (North Carolina, grid EM95) on 40 meters - first time for that state and grid on that band.  Hours later, I'm still getting North Carolina stations as alerts as "Wanted US State". 

I have following settings 
Wanted US State - by Individual Band, by Individual Mode - Mode FT8
Wanted Grid - by Individual Band, by Individual Mode - Mode FT8
Filters - Do not show Worked Before (B4) Callsigns
Using Standard ADIF File Logging

The W1WWB contact is logged in both WSJT-X log and in JTAlert log.

Jon, AI1V


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