locked Worked B4 Not Working


Since upgrading to JTA 2.15.10 and Log4OM V2, the Worked B4 Callsigns are not updating upon logging.  The logging is fine.  I just worked KI5FTP and he's in the log.  Does not show him as a B4 contact in JTAlert.  Used to be the B4 update was immediate. (he should be Gray Color for me, and not appear on my Decodes Window based on my colors and filters, yet he is still there, and seems to be staying there).  I shut down Log4OM and restarted and same thing.  I shut down JTAlert and restarted and all is well.  KI5FTP is now B4 in color and off the Decodes window.  Sorry Laurie for another small clitch.  Hope it's not just operator error again. 73, Herb WB8ASI

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