locked Re: Bitdefender

Stewart Wilkinson

I have been using BitDefender for a number of years and the probelm with false positive detections in each update of JTAlert seems to have got worse of the last few months.

The 2.15.10 update that I just installed has cause reports of different 'Trojan.GenericKD.xxxxxxx' in JTAlert.exe and JTAlert_AL.exe as well as a 'Potentially malicious application' report for JTAlertSettings.exe (with no indication of what that means).

I have submitted all 3 for checking, and submitted an update for my on-going ticket with them regarding this everytime JTAlert is updated with a note about how annoying this is and that I hope a permanent solution can be found (I doubt that will happen but we can only hope).

To allow the latest version to run I had to allow BitDefender to do it's 'disinfection' and then go to the 'Notifications' and select each of the reported problems (capture the information for submitting the False Positive reports) and click the options to Restore the file (it even removes the Desktop Shortcuts so have to restore those too). The action of Restoring the files automatically creates a scanning exception and allows the programs to run. (I remove the exceptions in a few days after they have fixed the database).

I useĀ https://www.bitdefender.com/submit/ for the submissions.

Stewart G0LGS

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