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I have been able to use the work around to get HRD to log FT contacts but it looks like JT-Alert Scan log and Rebuild does not support FT4.  It works fine on FT8 but is not removing the check marks from wanted States for WAS.  Is that by choice or an error?

Laurie thank you so much for this great resource to work Digital modes, I love it!!!!


The JTAlert Scan Log does support FT4 and has for many months since FT4 was first released.

HRD is the program that doesn't support FT4. If HRD is still recording FT4 QSOs in its log as Mode = MSFK with no submode defined (it should be FT4) than the scan will not find your incorrectly recorded FT4 QSOs.

If the HRD Log has FT4 QSOs recorded as Mode=FT4 than JTAlert will find them. QSOs with Mode recorded as MSFK without a submode will not be found.

My 2cents... The ball has been in the HRD court for many months with respect to correct FT4 logging. All other Loggers were updated within days of the FT4 release. HRD chose to sit on their hands and offer incorrect support advise on how to workaround their non-updated log.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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