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To avoid the JTMode selection window, which I am assuming is what is causing your crash, you need to start JTAlert using the correct command-line parameter, either "/wsjtx" or "/jtdx". This is why the JTAlert installer creates shortcuts which have those parameters already set. Starting the JTAlert.exe file directly will always present that window as the command-line parameter is missing.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 15/02/2020 8:54 am, Jim Sharp wrote:
Not sure how to get JTAlert working  since when I start up (have installed the latest version today (2.15.10) and with prior versions, I get an box requesting the sound card.
I select speakers/headphones (Realtek) and the box crashes with the only option to close out as it goes into "not responding" /close the program.

Please see attached 

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