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Hello Laurie,


Many thanks for your quick reply.

As i stated in my mail, i did tried this out with a third party which was on line.

And i did send a message to myself, no result.

It did work only once after i installed the new version but then it it stopped working.


Is there a possibility to install the an older version (the version before the extended range of characters)?

And if yes were can i download that?


Many thanks for your help.





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Onderwerp: Re: [HamApps] Text messages #WARNING


On 13/02/2020 11:34 pm, Gerrit via Groups.Io wrote:

I just upgraded JTAlert to version 2.15.8. The upgrade went smootly without any problems.
I am a regular user of the text message item (F5). When i first used this feature a popup window told me (in yellow) that the counter station was online, perfect.
When starting up JTAlert next day the text message did not work anymore. I checked this out with a station that was online (certain). All the options in the window setting box
are "on". What could be wrong here?  The same thing occured by a friend of mine. I am using Windows 10 with a I5 computer with sufficient memory.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Gerrit (PA3DJY)

This simplest way to test the Messaging without the need to get a third party to test with is to simply send a message to your self. Doing this will test if the online check and the message sending & receiving are working.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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