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Not exactly sure what you have going but WSTJ needs to be running before you can open JTAlert.   I'm running Log4OM V2, and WSJT and JTAlert talk to the logging software, but are not loaded onto it.  73, Herb WB8ASI.

On February 13, 2020 at 8:38 PM John Profita <jwpjjj@...> wrote:

Laurie, the message says trying to download because Jtdx is not loaded? I’m guessing, being I have Log4OM, the jtdx and jtalert etc. gets loaded onto Log4OM? Please give if it looks like I am lost here. 

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) < vk3ama.ham.apps@...> wrote:
On 14/02/2020 3:27 am, jwpjjj@... wrote:
So being new to this. I downloaded the programs as per the instruction. I tried opening the program and I was able to put in my callsign. After that it came up on the screen downloading. But nothing happens, I waited for about 20 minutes and it didn't load.  Using windows 10.  I tried on multiple computers, windows 8.1 and windows 7 professional. Still the same problem, Sorry to look like a dunce here, but its frustrating! Also, I do have the Microsoft 4.5 net on each computer. 

Tnx, John 

JTAlert doesn't download any files at startup.
What is the exact text of this downloading message?

de Laurie VK3AMA




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