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Thank you for your reply and answer.  I sincerely apologize for having to ask for help. I had read about the QSO confirmation time and in fact had already stretched it from 5 sec. to 10 sec. which did not help. I think maybe the ACLog .mdb log file got corrupted somehow because I overwrote the backup to it and no more problems confirming the QSO. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.


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On 11/02/2020 11:42 am, Paul-N5DUP wrote:

So I have WSJT-X prompting me when it is ready to log a contact. Until now JTAlerts confirms that it is logging to ACLog and all was well. Now I am getting this message from JTAlert that says.

Failure: QSO not logged

Error Message: ACLOG File unable to confirm QSO logged 

Not sure what has changed but any ideas what I should look for?

I’m not sure what to look for. Any help appreciated.

Thank you,

This has been discussed many times.

This error message indicates that JTAlert was unable to confirm that the QSO was successfully logged. It does this by performing a direct read of your Loggers log file/database. JTAlert doesn't rely on the logging status produced by some loggers which have shown to incorrectly indicate successful logging even when failing to log the QSO. Also some loggers don't provide any feedback at all when logging via their API, so JTAlert always tries to confirm success/failure via a direct log/database read.

If the QSOs are indeed getting logged you will need to increase the "Check QSO Log Record" time. See the Logging section of the JTAlert Settings window.

Very likely the post logging activities being performed by your logger are being impacted by Internet access speeds resulting in later than normal logging. Typical examples are post logging XML lookups or posting the QSO to online logs.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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