locked Re: JTAlert causing DX Keeper to filter Log on Startup #DXLAB


On 09/02/2020 09:01, Stewart Wilkinson via Groups.Io wrote:
When my last attempt at a QSO in WSJT-X was incomplete and the Tx1 to Tx5 message boxes still have a callsign and report details that it was last trying to send when JTAlert starts it causes DX Keeper to filter the Log to show just the list of any contacts with the station I last tried to work, the only way to clear this appears to be to click the 'X' in DX Keeper to clear the filter. Starting 2 or more copies of WSJT-X and JTAlert causes the filter to change from one callsign to the next as each copy starts to work.

Is there a way that I've missed to clear the incomplete QSO data from WSJT-X or from JTAlert to stop this happening ?
Hi Stewart,

you can use the F4 key to clear the DX Call and messages in WSJT-X, there is one caveat in that if the band/frequency drop down box has keyboard focus the F4 key will not have that function. You also have the option to hit the ESC key to abandon and clear down a current QSO, this action will also halt any transmission in progress. Either method should be carried through to JTAlert and any logging application windows that are tracking your prospective/current/last QSO partner automatically.


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