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Laurie,  I just returned to the shack 0245Z Feb 06.  Did a View>Clear Display on the Decodes Window and all future spots are now gone.  They cleaned themselves out.   I didn't change my settings, which remain as "Delete Old Records" in the Startup Options.   All is well and good.  Don't know how I this digital would survive without JTAlert.  Thanks, Herb WB8ASI    P.S.  Please keep working on that future DX spot software.

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On 6/02/2020 7:41 am, WB8ASI Herb wrote:
Laurie,  I have no idea.  Have not changed any clocks or settings.  Can't make a connection, but I did have an initial problem with future cluster spots when I first installed the new Log4OM V2.  I was sending screen shots to the Log4OM Forum while trying to figure out the problem.  One of the testers was able to replicate it, so they know I'm not crazy.  I was going to do some testing for them when it corrected itself.  
I've had the rig and computer off and on several times today, and so far the future decodes remain.  I'll keep an eye on them to see if they clear when their real time passes.
You really might have a market for software that can predict future DX. LOL
73, Herb WB8ASI


I was able to produce future decodes by opening a previously saved wav file in WSJT-X. The wave files contain time stamps of the decodes (no dates).

Your only solution is to set the Decodes window (temporarily) to delete all entries on startup, restart Decodes then once started set the delete entries setting back to you previous setting.

The clearing of decodes in the Decodes window is not a true clear, the decodes remain in the database. The clear method applies a date/time filter expression to the sql used to display the decodes and this filter remains in effect until the Refresh menu is used. This allows you to clear the display and only display any newly incoming decodes without the old decodes reappearing. The date/time filter is set to the current UTC data/time when the Clear is used normally resulting in only new decodes after that date/time to be displayed.

de Laurie VK3AMA


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