locked Re: JTAlert does give some false "Not Wanted" DXCC report.

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On 6/02/2020 2:50 am, asobel@... wrote:

This morning I did work VK9NK on Norfolk Is. 17m. This was my first QSO. I did upload it to LoTW and download LoTW  on Log4OMV2. I did later Scan the log on JTAlert and was surprised to find that Norfolk Is. Is reported as "Not wanted" on DXCC 17m. I did later find that Log4OMV2 does report all entries as LoTW confirmation Received as "Yes" and Received Date of some entries, not including VK9NK 17m of today, with the reporting received date.

So why did my JTAlert report 17m Norfolk Is. as "not wanted" and how does JTAlert find "Not Wanted" DXCC/LoTW in general?


Amos 4X4MF

If Log4OM2 is showing VK9NK as Lotw Received = "Yes" than JTAlert will consider that as LoTW confirmed. JTAlert doesn't look at the Date entry, only the Received entry.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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