locked Re: JAlert stopped displaying calls from WSJT-X

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 6/02/2020 5:42 am, Charlie Rubenstein wrote:
I didn't change any settings, but I no longer get the calls from WSJT-X. I checked the settings, but all three boxes are checked, and the IP and port settings are correct. So, I updated to the newest versions of both JAlert and WSJT-X in case there was something missing.....still no joy.

I rebooted the computer but it didn't help. 

Any suggestions?

Charlie KB8CCR


Your image shows that JTAlert, initially at least, established UDP comms with WSJT-X. The titlebar status is showing the Mode character and Band, "~,40m", which only gets updated when JTAlert has received UDP data from WSJT-X.

This looks very much like Protection software interference. What software are you using? Is it WebRoot? If so, try running JTAlert using the "Alt Layout" shortcut (green music symbol icon).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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