locked Re: Worked B4 mainly on 5T5PA

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On 26/01/2020 8:28 am, rogich via Groups.Io wrote:
Just running basic WSJT-X FT8 and JTalert 2.15.7 only and occasionally mainly I notice with this call is not flagged worked before always. Thanks

211845 13 0.0 1832 ~ WA7ZWG
5T5PA -19

211845 12 0.0 1892 ~ CQ 5T5PA IL10

211845 -16 0.9 2039 ~ NY0J <KX5W/7> -24



This due to 5T5PA having multiple signals in the pass-band in a single period.
JTAlert will only alert on (sound and color) on the first occurrence of a Callsign in a single period. Once a Callsign has been processed any future occurrences of the Callsign in the current batch of Decodes are ignored. This is why in your example he was colored as a B4 for the decode @ 1832 DF, while the later decode @ 1892 DF was not colored as a B4.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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