locked JTAlert 2.15.8 strangeness

Jack Spitznagel (KD4IZ)

I sent the message below earlier to add to the conversation  “disappearing JTAlert window” reports and the oddity of the W32. “trojan” message. My mailer affixed the wrong “from” email address... so it never made the group.


Had 2 strangenesses when installing 2.15.8 over 2.15.6:

1. Webroot threw a virus detect fit and quarantined the main executable. I lost the popup that said a W32.”something virus” was detected. I cleared the quarantine cache and deinstalled 2.15.8, redownloaded and second try installed fine. The log does not name what was detected.

2. On start with red icon (the way I was able before), the main window comes up, works for a random while, then closes, leaving the Decodes window on screen. On start with green icon, JTAlert works normally.

Dell workstation running Win 10 on i7 cpu, 8gb ram. two displays-one on the intel video card, the other is on an NVIDIA. Both monitors show identical behaviors.

Can provide other info if you specify.


Jack Spitznagel - KD4IZ

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