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On 25/01/2020 4:57 am, Michael Black via Groups.Io wrote:
Turns out Webroot was blocking JTAlert.exe.  However JTAlert_AL.exe was allowed to run so Bill is up and running now.

I've help other people with Webroot blocking stuff like this.  It's a bit too aggressive and in this case we found the option that affected this was "silent and automatic" with no way to make exceptions.  It was blocking JTAlert from getting process data.  Don't know why the alternate version works though...should be doing the same thing.

de Mike W9MDB
Mike, Tnx very much for sorting this out, your help is appreciated!

The code differences between JTAlert.exe and JTAlert_AL.exe are minimal, they share ~99% the same code. I am starting to suspect that some of these problematic Protection Software products are also triggering simply because of the executable name, JTAlert.exe, with JTAlert_AL.exe getting a pass because it is a relatively new file name.

IMO, any protection software product that causes application operation interference, deletes files or blocks access without notifying the end-user that action has been taken and/or doesn't provide a mechanism to override these unwanted actions is not much better than the malicious applications it is try to protect us from.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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