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Jim - N4ST

I figured JT-Alert was writing the country code, but didn’t know if it was the “chicken or the egg”, because 81 is what shows up in the HRD logbook, which of course is the old deleted Germany.


Jim – N4ST



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Hi Jim,

The Country name doesn't get logged to HRD, only the unique DXCC Country code (HRD determines the name based on that code). The Code is determined by a lookup of the most recent cty.dat file (same file as used by Cluster Nodes and many loggers).

The DXCC code for Germany(deleted) is 81, the code for FR of Germany is 230. JT-Alert logs code 230, but HRD records this as Germany(deleted) despite the correct DXCC code. As an additional note, JT-Alert is only aware of Active DXCC codes as the source of its DXCC codes is the cty.dat file which doesn't include deleted DXCC entities.

Having said all that, I have coded a workaround to this HRDV5 Bug and ran a handful of tests and the callsigns are now appearing in HRDV5 Log as "Fed. Republic of Germany". This fix will be in the next release. If you wish to try this updated JT-Alert executable now, it can be downloaded from here...


Extract the file from the .zip into your JT-Alert program folder, overwriting the existing file.

Let me know if this works for you.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 31-October-2011 05:50, Jim wrote:

My QSOs with Germany are logged into HRD5 as Germany (Deleted) instead of Federal Republic of Germany (Active).
Jim - N4ST

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