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HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 23/01/2020 7:13 am, John Holmes W9ILY wrote:
Laurie et al,
I am using DX4WIN but not directly logging to it. I produce a full ADI log
in DX4WIN, then in JTAlert I browse to that file and choose it as my log
file. There is nothing external happening for JTAlert. I do this so I will
have my entire log scanned and new countries, etc. will be alerted. I update
this Full log every few days in DX4WIN and choose the newly created full
file in JTAlert. Is this not correct?

John W9ILY
OK John,

Your using ADIF logging. Of all the loggers supported, that should be the fastest in writing the new QSO to the log file, its a simple file append command.

In your original message you said
I have logging implemented and have noticed that a long time (about 70 seconds after I click on OK to log the contact) passes before the contact is successfully logged.

How are you determining it is taking 70 seconds to update your adif file?

What is the reported size or your adif file?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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