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On 23/01/2020 6:34 am, Charlie Hoffman wrote:
I am also having the same experience with long log times.
This delay began a few releases a go, probably about the same time as you changed to using .NET
Prior to that change, my logging was almost instantaneous.

Sometimes, I get no logging at all to QRZ and need to close JTALERT and start it again.
Even when it fails to post contacts into the QRZ log, it usually logs into my local and on-line HRDlog.

I have always had my logging set up to log to eQSL, HRDLog, and QRZ.

Many times, I now miss two or three cycles, especially when using FT4.

I have been able to slightly improve response by changing XML lookup from QRZ to NONE but don't know if that interacts with the logging or not.

I attempted to go back to an earlier version, before .NET but lost many features such as TEXTING underline.

I'm runningĀ  a Windows 10 laptop with an Intel i7-6500U CPU @ 2.5 GHz, *GB RAM.
I run HRD, WSJT-X, JTALERT, and Firefox with QRZ.COM and HRDLOG.net

Do I need a more powerful computer or should I just go back to an older version and forget the latest features?

I doubt you need a new PC.

Everything you described is Internet based.
I have no control over how long QRZ takes to update its log after an upload. I suspect the all the online log services don't log in real-time, but batch update causing delays in the QSOs appearing in your online log.

If logging is working to HRDlog but fails for QRZ, then the likely causes are QRZ itself or your Internet connection is slow. What sort of Internet connection are you using? Perhaps it is intermittent or slow and the uploads are timing out.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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