locked Latest JTAlert Beta, 2.15.7 build 0003, for Log4OMV2. Multi-instance DX Call sending now working.

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

This is the latest build of JTAlert with Log4OMV2 support.


This build works in getting the WSJT-X "DX Call" to Log4OM for any number of WSJT-X instances as it sends the instruction direct to Log4OM and doesn't rely on Log4OM monitoring the JTAlert UDP rebroadcast. Monitoring the UDP rebroadcast has a defect in that it cannot handle WSJT-X instances started with a -rig parameter. Note, this is a Log4OMV2 defect, not a JTAlert defect.

The setup of Log4OMV2 and JTAlert is now simplified due to the above changes.

Setup Instructions:
  1. Enable the Remote Control port in Log4OMV2.

  2. Create an ADIF_MESSAGE inbound connection in Log4OMV2.

  3. Enable the sending of the DX Call in JTAlert.
  4. Set the Control port in JTAlert to match the port used in Log4OMV2 (Step 1.)
  5. Set the ADIF_MESSAGE port in JTAlert to match the port used in Log4OMV2 (Step 2.)

Note: If you previously created a JT_MESSAGE inbound connection in Log4OMV2, that can be disabled or removed.
Note: If you previously enabled the UDP rebroadcast in JTAlert that can be disabled.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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