locked Re: JTAlert Alternate vs Regular Version


I have not used WSJT-X/JTAlert for some time.  I started using it again yesterday and noticed the menu problem.  I am running Windows 10 1903 on a Lenovo Thinkpad T550 with a monitor attached to the VGA port and another attached to the DisplayPort.  The Thinkpad Native and the VGA port monitors are running 1920x1080 and the DisplayPort monitor is running 1920x1200.  The display adapter is an Intel HD Graphics 5500.  In Device Manager the displays show as 1920x1080 LCD for the Thinkpad display and Generic PnP Monitor for the other displays.  I run this setup as "Extend Desktop to this display" on all monitors and use the VGA connected monitor as the Primary display.  If I have WSJT-X on the Thinkpad LCD and start JTAlert, JTAlert comes up on the Thinkpad monitor and works fine.  Even continues to work if I move it to one of the other displays.  However, if I run WSJT-X on either of the other monitors then JTAlert comes up without the menus.  

Don't know if this helps but I know when trying to debug a problem, the more information the merrier. 

Bob AF9W

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