locked Beta JTAlert available for testing with Log4OM V2 (sqlite logs only)

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

Available is a Beta build of JTAlert to use with the new Log4OM V2 (sqlite logs only).
Log4OM V2 MySQL logs are currently NOT SUPPORTED.


You will need to enable the Log4OM V2 logging in the JTAlert Settings and set the sqlite log file and the UDP address and port.

You will need to setup an UDP_INBOUND
ADIF_MESSAGE connection in Log4OMV2 and set the port to match the port set in JTAlert. I chose 2235 as the Log4OM V1 default port was 2236 and I am running both V1 and V2 simultaneously during development testing.

An important note on JTAlert Beta builds, they are created with an inbuilt expiry of 4 weeks after which the software will not run. The expiry date can be viewed via the JTAlert Help->About menu.

If you run into problems with this build you can simply downgrade your JTAlert by running the current public release of JTAlert  setup (download from https://HamApps.com/JTAlert/)

de Laurie VK3AMA

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