locked Re: JTAlert Alternate vs Regular Version

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 20/01/2020 7:39 am, WB8ASI Herb wrote:
Just checked and the new additional monitor just happens to be the same resolution as the other one.  I tried moving JTAlert back to the other monitor were I had it working on the Regular Version.   Rebooted and now cannot replicate having it work properly with the menus.  Whatever I did last time, I just can't recall, but know it required a restart.  If I stumble across something that correlates with monitor settings and menu breaks I'll shoot you a note.  For now I'm happy with the green musical notes.  

Tnx Herb.

Mismatched resolutions (which shouldn't matter) was my first guess as to what might be happening, "a shot in the dark". It might  be a Video driver issue or a Windows version issue. A Windows version issue was the prime candidate as the broken menus placement hit multiple users at the same time they all received a Win10 update, but not all Win10 users with that version experienced the problem including myself.

It is something obscure and may be a combination of factors, number of monitors, Win10 version, language setting, video driver version (eg. NVidia is notorious for driver version dependent bugs).

I am not overly concerned about this as there is the Alt Layout build.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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